Thinking About Moving to Seattle Tour These Neighborhoods

If you’re moving to Seattle soon, you may be trying to figure out which neighborhood you want to call home. After all, there are more than 367,000 homes in the city alone. How do you decide on the best place to begin this exciting new chapter of your life?

Seattle has the perfect spot for everyone, no matter what your interests are. Read on to discover some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle and which one you want to call home.

If you are not familiar with the locations of Seattle Neighborhoods we have created an interactive Google Map with 78 Seattle Neighborhoods.



Best Neighborhoods in Seattle to Live In

If you want to live somewhere with an inclusive, artsy vibe, Fremont is the Seattle neighborhood for you.

This neighborhood is situated just north of the city center and is one of Seattle’s most artistic districts. You’ll find sculptures scattered throughout the area, and you can rub shoulders with fellow artists at any of Fremont’s cafes and hangout spots. 

On Sundays, you can find art and antiques on display at the Fremont Market. The Burke-Gilman Trail offers outdoorsy sorts an opportunity to explore the beauty Seattle has to offer. And there’s certainly no shortage of job opportunities with the headquarters of Google, Getty Images, and Adobe Systems all located in Fremont. 



Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is another of Seattle’s most inclusive neighborhoods, and you’ll find that this district blends the best of the old and the new. Older buildings provide a history and charm that beautifully balances their more modern neighbors.

Capitol Hill is also considered to be the center of LGBT+ culture in Seattle and has lots of gay bars and nightclubs for this community.

Capitol Hill is just northeast of downtown Seattle, making it an incredibly convenient location for professionals working in the city. Many college students also call it home thanks to its proximity to the University of Washington.

There are lots of music venues, restaurants, and cafes for you to explore as you settle into this neighborhood.



belltown seattle

Belltown is a newer area of town that offers a fresh, modern spin on Seattle for those who are always looking towards the future.

Unlike some of the areas around downtown, Belltown wasn’t developed as a residential area until the 1970s. This neighborhood features a lot of glamorous high-rise condos, upscale restaurants, and fashion-forward shopping centers.

If you want to explore some of Seattle’s natural beauty, there are few better places to do so than in Belltown. The neighborhood offers amazing access to the Puget Sound and has amazing beach access for those sunny summer days. You can also explore the Olympic Sculpture Park to enjoy art and nature all in one trip. 



pioneer square

Pioneer Square is a gorgeous slice of history nestled in the heart of Seattle’s city center. This district is one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, founded by some of the first white settlers in the area.

A few years ago, a revitalization project made this one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

You won’t have to look far for entertainment in Pioneer Square – just walk around the neighborhood and take in the gorgeous Romanesque Revival architecture.

You can also enjoy an afternoon at the Waterfall Garden Park or grab lunch in one of the district’s many bistros. And on the first Thursday of each month, Pioneer Square hosts an art walk that has been going on for more than three decades. 



ballard real estate

Ballard has its roots in working-class fishermen and has grown into a cozy neighborhood with a great boho vibe. The craft brewing scene in Seattle has found its home in Ballard, with eleven different breweries calling the district home. There are also tons of amazing eateries, bars, and cafes for you to explore.

As a former fishing community, Ballard has some of the best natural attractions in Seattle. You can see the salmon that Scandanavian fishermen used to make their living off of migrating through the Ballard Locks. And Ballard offers amazing waterfront views that you’ll love seeing every day. 

Don’t forget to wave when you drive by the John L Scott Ballard real estate office.



seattle real estate icon

Of course, no list of Seattle neighborhoods would be complete without including Downtown. If you want to be right in the beating heart of Seattle, this is the neighborhood for you. Active, vibrant, and modern, downtown offers all the excitement of the big city with easy access to the natural beauty of the area.

Several of the neighborhoods we’ve mentioned fall under the umbrella of Downtown, including Belltown and Pioneer Square. Denny Triangle and Little Saigon are also popular neighborhoods within Downtown.

Living in this area, you’ll have easy access to museums, concert halls, shopping, nightlife, and much, much more.



queen anne real estate icon

The Queen Anne neighborhood offers a perfect balance for those who want the amenities of downtown and the historic charm of Pioneer Square.

Some of the buildings in this district are more than a century old or more and are nestled among modern buildings. This neighborhood gives you easy access to the Space Needle and the Seattle Center, especially thanks to the ample public transit in the area.

If you’re looking for a stately Victorian home, you’ll find your place in Upper Queen Anne. Lower Queen Anne features the more modern apartment buildings designed with young professionals in mind.

And throughout the district, you can enjoy the artistic spirit present in so much of the Seattle real estate market. 



Central District Seattle

Central District, oddly enough, sits on the east side of Seattle and has historically been the center of Black culture in Seattle. Although the neighborhood has changed some in recent years, you can still find dozens of Black-owned restaurants, shops, churches, and more.

There’s also a rich artistic culture in the region, including the Northwest African American Museum and the Langston Hughes Performing Art Institute.

You can find a variety of different apartment styles, ranging from classic older buildings to sleek modern construction. The neighborhood has easy access to public transit, which makes it easy to get around and reduce your carbon footprint. There are tons of local spots, cafes, and more where you can enjoy the unique heritage and culture of this area.



Greenwood Real Estate icon

If you’re trying to find a good spot for you or your family in Seattle, it’s hard to beat the Greenwood neighborhood. This district is laid out on a clean grid pattern and offers quick access to downtown for working people. However, the neighborhood itself is relatively safe and has a lot of community based attractions.

Greenwood is filled with restaurants, boutiques, and theaters that provide a great community atmosphere. Home prices are somewhat lower than in the rest of the city, making it much more affordable for people that may be on a budget. You’ll love the neighborhood’s eclectic vibe and wide variety of attractions including the world famous Greenwood Car Show.



Magnolia Real Estate Icon

Magnolia is a more luxurious area of Seattle that offers incredible access to the natural wonders of the area. In this neighborhood, you’ll find expansive waterfront views, as well as pristine beaches and forests for you to explore.

You can escape deep into the heart of the Pacific Northwest without ever leaving the city limits. 

Magnolia is a more expensive district of Seattle, with average housing prices coming in over a $1 million. But the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere will make that price more than worth it. You can visit the farmer’s market and the Summerfest during the warmer months and explore the region’s gorgeous sights on the free nature walk at Discovery Park.



International District

The International District is fondly known as “ID” by its residents and is the center of Asian American culture in the city. Walking down the sidewalk in this neighborhood, you’ll hear a tapestry of different languages, including Cambodian, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. You’ll also discover cultural food unlike any you may have had before in the United States.

In the International District, you’ll discover the best cheap food available anywhere in the city. From dim sum and pho to Japanese street food, you’ll be able to eat to your heart’s content on a dime.

You can also enjoy an afternoon at the Panama Hotel Tea and Coffee House or wind your way through a Japanese department store. 


Seattle is an amazing city that offers the best of both modern culture and rugged natural beauty.

The best neighborhoods in Seattle are a blend of the historic and modern, maintaining the city’s thriving artistic culture. No matter whether you want historic charm, modern convenience, artistic inspiration, or the call of the wild, you can find it here. 

If you’d like to learn more about the best neighborhoods in Seattle, check out the rest of our site at John L. Scott Real Estate. We’re here to help you discover the best Seattle has to offer. Contact us today and start placing your roots in the Pacific Northwest.


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